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Our business was forged from a development background. 技术搜索引擎优化 is the expertise which ensures that your website is properly optimised for search engines, making sure that all technical fundamentals are in place before undertaking other marketing strategies. If your website hasn’t undergone a proper technical SEO audit, there are likely to be issues which are hampering your rankings.

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您会惊讶于有多少技术问题会对您的有机排名产生影响。借助 Google 算法分析您网站的各个方面,使用我们的一系列工具和技术快速识别问题将使您的 Google 排名得到提升。

A fully integrated strategy with ongoing SEO


“We have been very happy with Rice. Their team respond and are aligned with our commercial objectives.”
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A seamless technical seo process

With a full audit of your website, our Birmingham 技术搜索引擎优化 team will uncover every issue there is to find with your website and put a strategy in place to implement these changes. Our technical SEO 专家 will clearly explain each point, guiding you through the process and support your website development team in making those changes.

技术搜索引擎优化 is a process which ensures that your website is properly optimised for search engines and users, making sure that all technical fundamentals are in place before undertaking other marketing strategies.


The primary goals of a 技术搜索引擎优化 Audit is to discover any potential obstacles that search engines may be encountering while crawling a website which can lead to indexation and ranking problems.


Our team has many years of experience in auditing websites. Each 技术搜索引擎优化 audit is bespoke and in-depth, with clear explanations and actions to implement. We utilise a range of techniques and audit tools to analyse your website, with the audit delving into everything from crawling and indexation to page speed, XML 站点地图, usability and on-page optimisation improvements.


报告提交和呈现后,我们的工作不会停止。我们将为您和您的网站开发人员提供指导和支持,以实施这些建议。在 WordPress 和 Shopify 等流行的 CMS 系统中,我们也可以自己修复一些错误。此后,定期技术审查将继续检查审计实施情况并报告进度和结果。


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  • Indexation
  • Crawl错误
  • XML Sitemaps
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  • Robots.txt
  • Redirects
  • Schema Markup
  • Mobile SEO
  • Site Architecture
  • Image Optimization
  • Page Speed
  • Navigation
  • Log File Analysis








Website Migrations.



E-Commerce SEO.

通过电子商务 SEO,我们将使您的在线商店在搜索引擎结果中更加明显,这样当人们搜索您销售的产品时,您您的网站将获得更多流量。


International SEO.

改善您的网站通过我们的国际 SEO 服务提高您在国外的知名度并扩大您的全球影响力。


We work with some of the best clients around fact.

Our Birmingham 技术搜索引擎优化 Agency has worked with some of the biggest clients in the UK and beyond, building long-lasting relationships through our high quality of work. Our clients trust the recommendations from our technical seo audits and are reaping the benefits of our dedicated analysis.


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Ricemedia have been exceptional to work with, they have immersed themselves in our business right from the start in order to optimise our website in the best way possible.
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