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PPC Agency Birmingham

When it comes to PPC (Pay-Per-Click), we’ve managed some of the biggest campaigns for retailers across the UK and internationally. Our Birmingham PPC agency acts as an extension of your existing team by advising on and managing both existing and future paid campaigns. Together, we can increase conversion rates and drive more revenue.

Profitability is at the heart of what we do with an ROI-focused approach. To help our clients reach their growth goals, we use the very latest tools and products available:

  • Google Search & Shopping Ads
  • Responsive Display, Discovery & Performance Max
  • Microsoft (Bing) Ads
  • Amazon & Apple Search Ads

PPC Agency Birmingham

PPC Management

Paid search is an ever-changing environment that requires close attention as trends evolve. While Google Ads is by far the largest, we’ll cover you wherever the opportunities lie, be that Bing or another channel. We’ll build and structure your campaigns according to the very latest best-practise guidelines to get the most out of budgets, making any changes needed in real-time.

Conversion is Key

The best paid search campaigns track a combination of click through and conversion metrics, allowing you to optimise your strategy as you go. Our aim is always to deliver the highest number of conversions at the lowest cost, ensuring Return on Investment (ROI) is always maximised. Once the perfect strategy is in place, most accounts pay for themselves.  

We’re a Google Ads Premier Partner which is important

Our reputation is important to us and we’ve been recognised as one of the few PPC agencies outside London that are a Google Ads Premier Partner. This means that our team is qualified to manage large budgets and have a direct relationship with Google.

“After moving to Ricemedia half way through the 18/19 season, we’ve experienced significantly higher engagement and conversion through PPC and paid social channels compared to previous results.”
Digital Marketing Manager
Aston Villa Football Club


+ CPC Conversions

Pay Per Click and Paid Social Campaigns delivering a huge increase in Conversions Year on Year.


Your Birmingham PPC Agency

Transitioning any current PPC activities to us is seamless. Our PPC specialists have been onboarding and supporting clients from our Birmingham office for well over 20 years. Because of this, we know how to deliver quick results. Building a relationship with our clients and understanding their business aims and objectives is the basis from which we build strategies, focussing on generating returns.

You can trust us to deliver incremental results, it’s the reason we work with some of the biggest brands across almost all sectors. We don’t just cater to large organisations though, we also specialise in helping small to medium enterprises scale to meet their growth goals, no matter how ambitious.



PPC Account Audit.

You already have a PPC campaign running but it’s not delivering the results you want. We’ll look at your campaign to understand what is working for you, what isn’t and provide expert analysis with action points that match your objectives.


Google Search Ads.

The most common form of PPC marketing, Google Search Ads utilises keyword targeting to show text ads on the Google search engine results page for your brand. We will create tailored ad copy to appeal to your desired audience to drive conversions and ROI.


Google Shopping.

Google shopping is ideal for e-commerce sites who are looking to drive conversions at a lower CPC (cost-per-click) than search engine text ads. Utilising your product feed, Google Shopping allows you to put your products directly in front of potential customers as they browse.



Users don’t always convert when they first visit your site but with the right targeted remarketing campaign, we can bring them back. Find your customers with strong buying potential and market a thorough campaign to entice them to return.



If you’re looking for a powerful, cost-effective direct-response re-marketing strategy, you need  display advertising. We’ll use Google Display Network to promote your brand to your target audience.


Bidding Strategies.

This is your budget and not one penny is wasted in our campaigns. We always optimise your ads to target success and identify poor performing ads and keywords so your budget is spent on maximising engagement. We combine manual account maintenance with Google’s smart bidding strategies to ensure optimum results.


Paid Social.

Our Paid Social Advertising services for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter will help you increase your brand awareness, sales and re-engage visitors through effective persona identification, targeting, retargeting, campaign creation and management.


We work with some of the best clients around. Fact.

Our PPC agency in Birmingham has worked with the biggest names in the UK and beyond, creating effective PPC campaigns that drive quality leads and increased profits. For two decades, we’ve built long-lasting relationships with businesses who value the service and results we deliver.


What Clients Say About Us

The friendly, responsive team has created and executed a number of successful high-profile campaigns and are always willing to try different approaches to get the best results possible whilst being flexible with requests from the club. We look forward to more success in the future with Rice!
Digital Marketing Manager
Aston Villa Football Club
Partner with Rice Media

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PPC (pay-per-click) is a form of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time a user clicks one of their ads.

Paid Search marketing is commonly used as a quick way to gain online visibility for businesses while organic search is worked on as a long term strategy. The most popular forms of PPC include: Search engine marketing, Display, Social media advertising and Google Shopping.

PPC allows businesses to be where their customers are at the perfect moment. By bidding on the keywords your customers are searching for, your business can be positioned in the prime position for driving conversions, be them sales, sign ups or calls. Pay-per-click ads commonly appear above organic listings on search engines, meaning potential clients can see your business before seeing your competitors.

The most effective digital marketing strategies utilise both SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC. By using PPC to gain quick visibility for keywords which are highly competitive organically, PPC can support long term SEO performance and increase online visibility for a business with quick results. 

If PPC landing pages have been optimised for SEO purposes, this commonly leads to lower bids being required on keywords, resulting in lower cost-per-conversions and higher ROIs.